Just to clarify…

Definitions of some of the Pizza ingredients;

San Marzano
Fior Di Latte

San Marzano tomato; is a type of tomato that is commonly used for pasta sauces and the only tomato that is to be used on traditional Italian wood oven pizzas. Its names comes from an Italian town near Mount Vesuvius. Farmers there have been growing these tomatoes for generations, selectively breeding them for paste. The San Marzano has a sweet flavour, contains few seeds and is easily peeled. This is a classic sauce tomato and is renowned for its flavour all over the world.

Fior Di latte; is fresh mozzarella cheese. It is different to the typical mozzarella cheese purchased from the supermarkets. Fior Di latte is a semi soft white cheese that has a high moisture content and made fresh daily from our suppliers. It works best on pizzas and is also used in our Caprese salad.

Buffalo Mozzarella di Campania; is another variety of Fior Di latte. The difference being is that Buffalo  Mozzarella is made from buffalo milk as opposed to cow milk. The Italian buffalo mozzarella sold as Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is protected under the EU's Protected Designation of origin scheme and may only be produced in select locations in the regions of Campania, Lazio, Apulia and Molise.