If you’re after the best Pizza in Adelaide, you can’t go past Napoli Wood Fired Pizzeria.

We reckon we do a pretty good pizza. We should know. Pizza’s our life.

We’re not a dominos style pizza  or your standard corner shop pizza bar.

We’re an authentic Italian Wood Oven Pizzeria & Ristorante, where everything we do is Italian influenced and authentic, from our Pizzas, to our Ragu.

Let’s talk about our pizzas.

Our pizzas begin with the best imported Italian 00 Caputo flour. Our dough is made fresh daily and consists of nothing more than water, yeast, salt and a dash of extra virgin olive oil (not to mention love). Once mixed, the dough is allowed to rise, then rolled into dough balls and stored in airtight containers where the dough balls proof.  This is when the magic takes place and our dough takes on its magnificent flavour.

As you order, the dough balls are stretched and shaped by hand, then topped with our San Marzano sauce and finished with your choice of the freshest best quality ingredients we can get our hands on.

We spare no expense with our toppings and buy the best we can buy.

The pizzas are baked in our Wood Oven, the traditional way at around 350-400 deg. We bake our pizzas directly on the brick oven floor (no trays) for around 2 minutes.

Our pizzas are light with puffy crusty edges, full of succulent little air pockets and taste great!

Come visit us soon and try for yourself.

You can find us at 2/127 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End or you can follow us at www.facebook.com/NapoliWoodFiredPizzeria

We’re sure you’ll love it.